About Dependable Eats
I am constantly finding new recipes – in cookbooks, magazines and on Pinterest. But I realized I was doing more reading about food than actually cooking food. I decided to create Dependable Eats as a way to keep (and share) tried-and-true recipes that I know to be both dependable and delicious. Disclaimer: I am not a chef, have no training in cooking and no plans to pursue any type of culinary career. But I love food. Everything on this site was made (and taste tested) by yours truly, in my very average kitchen.

About Me
I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, fondly known to us Tar Heels as the “southern part of heaven.” My day job is as a development officer – translation: I raise money for cancer research and care at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I love all types of food, and have no problem spicing things up or liberally using ingredients like butter and cheese.

Let Me Hear It
Love the recipes on Dependable Eats? Hate them? Have a question, comment or interesting fact? I want to hear from you!